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Note to smarmy jerks who go snooping around user pages and then loudly proclaiming that they "understand" what I'm about better for spying on my works-in-progress than they would by listening to what I'm saying: Get a fucking life and get off my back.

Existing articles to work on[edit]

Scientology as of 2007-04-16[edit]

continue later...

Atlanta Nights[edit]

Albert Hofmann[edit]

Convert to Cite.php

Kathleen Willey and Edward E. Willey Jr.[edit]

Template:Imdb title[edit]

Add optional "description" parameter

A. B. and C.[edit]

Complete synopsis

Fred T. Goldberg, Jr.[edit]

Check just what information is and isn't supported by the NYT story

Scientology vs. the Internet[edit]

While the Church issued an official statement (*) claiming that it was only taking legal action to combat hate speech, critics accused it of surpressing freedom of speech, and pointed out that under Church doctrine any opposition of Scientology comes from a hateful person (**) and can be considered hate speech.

  • The existing write-up is so POV I'd rather have some details on this statement: when was it issued, what exactly did it say?
    • This gets the point across, I think, but I'd like to look up the actual relevant Church doctrines to get it word-for-word, if possible.

Dr. Mabuse article[edit]

should probably include link to Propaganda re: their song.


Narbonic article[edit]

Taking Kevin and Kell as a model:

  1. About the strip
  2. Setting and characters
    1. Other significant characters
  3. Storyline
  4. External links
    1. Kevin and Kell comics online
    2. Other resources

To be done: Antonio Smith did appear once more after the first story arc; he identified the handwriting of Pip the Mutant Ur-Gerbil for the Dave Conspiracy (07/09/02). Done

Also, Dave's machine talent was revealed by Helen on 08/09/02 and 08/10/02.



The Victorian Narbonic[edit]

Hapax Legomenon

Publication schedule[edit]

Originally, the strip was planned to run seven days a week, with all strips contributing to the ongoing storyline and the Sunday comic larger and in color. This schedule turned out to be draining, and it was quickly changed to the schedule it now keeps: storyline strips run Monday through Saturday, and Sunday may

Lil Mell and Sergio[edit]

Dave Barker[edit]

Dave Barker is a real person who has been written into the strip. He was first mentioned in the Sunday strip of August 27, 2000 where the Narbonic Labs gang gathered to respond to reader letters; Barker's letter accidentally upset Helen by guessing her age to be "late 30's" when she was really 26, and also bringing up the painful fact that she wasn't really "Dr." Narbon because she'd never finished her doctorate, only her master's. By the end of the strip, Helen was ragefully announcing "I'll kill him! I'll kill MIT student Dave Barker!" and from there, her occasional plottings for revenge against "MIT student Dave Barker" became a running gag in the weekday strip.

Dave meets Dave in the unstuck in time arc

Language is a virus[edit]

This shouldn't be a redirect to "meme"; it should link to "meme" but it's hardly just that.

Arithmetic coding[edit]

LZ77 (algorithm)[edit]

While the LZ77 algorithm works on past data, the LZ78 algorithm attempts to work on future data

I'm trying to figure out why someone would believe this is correct. Both algorithms try to look ahead and find the largest chunk of yet-unencoded data starting at the current position that can be encoded by reference to past data. The actual difference is that LZ77 maintains the sliding window, and any string within that sliding window is available to be referenced; LZ78 maintains the dictionary, to which entries are added at a much slower rate but can be accessed at a lower average cost.

Mordant's Need[edit]

Stolen Honor[edit]


[3] -- now needs registration


/Cilk cilk





Cilk is a general-purpose programming language for multithreaded concurrent programming based on ANSI C. Cilk is especially effective for exploiting dynamic, highly asynchronous parallelism, which can be difficult to write in data-parallel or message-passing style.

Cilk is particularly effective for programming numerical algorithms, such as matrix factorization and N-body simulations, both dense and sparse. Cilk's runtime system employs a scheduler that allows the performance of programs to be estimated accurately.

Three world-class chess programs have been programmed in Cilk: StarTech, *Socrates, and Cilkchess.

Cilk is a general-purpose programming language designed for parallel programming.

"data-parallel" seems to mean that large data sets are processed in parallel by processors performing identical computations. See [4]. Not a horribly useful point to explain what Cilk is.

-- turn all explanations of the relation between C and Cilk into one paragraph

Cilk is a general-purpose programming language designed for parallel programming.

The major design principle behind Cilk is that the programmer should concentrate on exposing opportunities for parallelism

Basic parallelism with Cilk[edit]

Advanced parallelism with Cilk[edit]


Dictionary coder[edit]

Jason Scott (Life Tabernacle Church)[edit]

Polymorphism in object-oriented programming[edit]



Swing Out Sister[edit]

Remove self-reference, include mention of "Breakout" (when/where/how big was it a hit?) <= top 10 in US, more hits in UK?

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse[edit]

Learned helplessness[edit]

If that's Tony Robbins (and even if it isn't) get some more academic/credible references for the terminology.

Theory originated with Martin Seligman


Resummarize Scientology controversy -- edit down Snow White and describe major points of controversy.

Probably not needed now, Modemac seems to have done it.


Definition needs to be corrected; currently it reads as if saying "it's information that's perfectly true, only the creators don't know it yet."

Kaiju Big Battel[edit]

listed for tone and technical cleanup

Big Bad Beetleborgs[edit]

spelling, wikilinks, organization, links to original series

Bead sort[edit]

What it's not good for (like sorting where the largest number is large, since the numbers are represented in unary)


  • Revise custodial rape section to clarify that it includes rape of persons under custody whether they are being "protected" or punished.
  • Shift discussion of prison rape in "rape as punishment" section to custodial rape section and replace with notation in punishment section.
  • Note opposing viewpoint that it is male-on-male prison rape that is not taken seriously, incl. for the reason that rape of males is not taken as seriously as it should.
  • Note that many commentators spoke jokingly or seriously of John Wayne Bobbitt receiving his just rewards for crimes he had been accused of, but acquitted of. (or is that too far off-topic?)

Jason Lee (actor)[edit]

Note drug problems (at odds with his membership in Scientology)

Dianetics Today[edit]

Remove POV fork material. If there is any attempt to restore it, AfD the article.


Needs to be split into main article and disambiguation or disambiguation and satellite articles. (Check WhatLinksHere to see which is the most frequent usage.)

/Movedetail template[edit]

Articles to be created[edit]

List of mythological allusions[edit]

Qualifications: should be a reference which an average educated speaker will understand the meaning of even if they don't know the story behind it.

Lawrence Trant[edit]

Getter Robo[edit]

Getter Robo - 1974

  • Professor Saotome
  • Michiru (daughter)
  • Musashi

Getter Robo G - next year?

Sequels: Neo Getter Robo, Shin Getter Robo?

Original series useful background info

Create redirects for Getta Robo, Getter Robo G, Getta Robo G, Starvengers etc.

George Franklin, Sr.[edit]

also needs redirect at George Franklin Sr.

Jeremy Perkins[edit]

Wikipedia:Rules have exceptions[edit]

Deadline items[edit]


Check Talk:Psycho-babble on or after October 15, 2005 Done. Still needs a lot of de-personal-essay-ing.

Popular psychology[edit]

Should L. Ron Hubbard be listed as "popular psychology"? Item placed October 10, 2005

Template:Public watchlist[edit]

Left message March 2 suggesting modification to take a parameter. Also needs instructions on usage.

Play around with cosmetics of template: /watchlist template

Other things to work on[edit]

Special characters problem[edit]

' (apostrophe typed at keyboard)

now, C&P from Gamaliel version of Stolen Honor page:

Mark Nevins, a spokeman for the Kerry presidential campaign, stated: "This group is the poor, distant cousin of the Swift Boat Veterans for Bush. It?s comprised of people with questionable backgrounds whose sole mission in life is to smear John Kerry." [6]

According to conservative commentator Deroy Murdock: "It presents POWs who argue that John Kerry's fallacious spring 1971 claims that U.S. atrocities occurred on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command' amplified their agony under America's North Vietnamese enemies." [7]

The production company's website states that "Stolen Honor investigates how John Kerry?s actions during the Vietnam era impacted the treatment of American soldiers and POWs. Using John Kerry?s own words, the documentary juxtaposes John Kerry?s actions with the words of veterans who were still in Vietnam when John Kerry was leading the anti-war movement." [8]

aha! Preview shows that apostrophes do become ?s!

Topbanana's Reports[edit]

User:Topbanana/Reports/This page contains a link that might be mis-punctuated

To do[edit]

Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:Antaeus Feldspar/scratch: edit·history·watch·refresh· Updated 2007-05-29

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Lacrosse scandal -- work on "mini-introduction"
  • "See also" -- where is strongest section on this?
  • T1,T2 => record
  • LJ essay
  • Yehuda Bauer
  • "Light of Day" info from Born in the U.S.A. (song)
  • "damn dumb"
  • Trust matrix on Free Zone
  • L. Ron Hubbard -- -- claims Bataan, Java, first American casualty, seventy runs against enemy submarines, destroyed two submarines
  • TNSI
    • Casbah with clarification on quote;
    • various on "Don't give up the ship" (actual quote "Tell the men to fire faster and not to give up the ship; fight her till she sinks." p. 63);
    • Eustace Mullins with p.15-16
    • Charles Colson with p.16-17
    • Charles Darwin's views on religion#The Lady Hope Story, Elizabeth Hope, Charles Darwin (distribute references, clarify interarticle relationships)
    • Thomas Edison (give citation and context for "Doctor of the Future" quote)
    • Useful idiot -- mention claims of quote by Georgi Dimitrov about sympathizers (Boller and George 20-21)?
    • Barbara Fritchie (person) p. 28-29
    • "Eppur si muove" (And yet it moves) p. 30
    • Gipper p. 35-36
    • "When I hear the word culture, I reach for my Browning" p. 36
    • All Samuel Goldwyn quotes, 37-42
    • "to love whom I may", Free love p. 43
    • "Go west, young man" p. 43
    • Jean Meslier p. 44
    • Ben Hecht, p. 44-45
    • Meldon Levine, p. 45-46
    • Prosperity quote in Bokonism, p. 48
    • let him enforce it, p. 53
    • One man with courage is a majority, p. 53-54
    • governs least, p. 56
    • not yet begun to fight, p. 57
    • Copernican revolution, p. 57
    • "taxation without representation", Otis, p. 102
    • They shall not pass, Petain, p. 105
    • not one cent for tribute, p. 105
    • whites of their eyes, p. 106
    • good Indian is a dead Indian, p. 118
    • hold the fort, p. 118
    • where the money is, p. 121
    • giving up smoking, p. 123
    • not in any sense founded on the Christian religion p. 129
    • playing fields of Eton, p. 130-131
    • What's good for General Motors, p.131
"Sanctions have one of three rationales: punitive, preventative, or rehabilitative." I realized that I omitted a fairly important fourth rationale, although I don't have a catchy one-word name for it. The above three rationales are all defined by the effect the sanction is supposed to have on the putative wrong-doer. The fourth rationale for applying a sanction is for the effect it will have on people or situations other than the person who supposedly earned a sanction.
I mentioned that the stigmatizing topic-bans pronounced upon multiple editors who have shown no interest in editing the topic for a year or more make no sense from the standpoint of prevention or rehabilitation. However, it could easily be explained from the fourth rationale: the Arbitration Committee might have wanted to "send a message" warning off any future editors from getting involved in the Scientology articles (I'd certainly warn any editors away from touching them, at this point.) Or perhaps the Committee wanted to pre-emptively defuse the inevitable accusations of favoritism/bias by showing that it could punish both sides "equally" regardless of whether punishments were earned by both sides equally.
This would go a long way towards explaining the statements offered by more than one Committee member, that topic-banning "did no harm" if the editor so banned had already stopped editing in that topic -- if you are primarily thinking about how a punishment will look, or what "message" it will send, and you overlook issues such as reputation and trust, then I suppose it might indeed look like