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I don't understand the motive for changing "Queen Elizabeth II" - which is the name of the liner - to "Queen Elizabeth 2" - which isn't. Deb

I think the ship is in fact called "Queen Elizabeth 2". That's what the Cunard website ( seems to say as well. Calling it "Queen Elizabeth II" is quite common, but I think it's incorrect. Enchanter

Thanks for putting me right - though I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't checked the web site. I remember the ship being launched and I'm certain it was launched as Queen Elizabeth "the Second", but I suppose that wouldn't necessarily mean Roman numerals!Deb

Should we redirect this page to the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom? Or is it likely that readers looking for the ship RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 will get confused without a disambiguating page?

I think ladies are more important than ships, but I will go along with whatever JHK. Deb and others decide. Ed Poor, Thursday, April 18, 2002

The Globe and Mail Style Guide gives Queen Elizabeth 2 (arabic numeral) for the ship and Elizabeth II (roman numeral) for the monarch. (Actually, they just call her the Queen.) - Montréalais

I made this into a disambiguation page because I found it with a bit on both & links. The point is that this page name is non-canonical in either case: the woman needs the name of the country she is monarch of; the ship needs the prefix. If we make this intoa redirect, the page on Elizabeth could do with a mention of the ship (because many assume it is named after her, incorrectly), so all's happy there. All the links I fixed that came here were about the person, I think. -- Tarquin 18:03 Oct 6, 2002 (UTC)

All links pointing here refer to Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Monarchs do not need countries listed after their names. Similarly titled pages all redirect to the monarch (King George VI, etc.) It only makes sense for this to redirect to Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, which also mentions the ship. --Jiang 06:34, 3 Aug 2003 (UTC)

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