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I am an American and former Wikipedia administrator. My main field of interest is political science, especially international relations and Enlightenment political theory. I also enjoy French literature of the 18th and 19th centuries, and I wish I knew enough about it to contribute substantially to articles. I created this username on November 7 2004.


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Summing up all those thank you on your talk page - ONE BIG THANK YOU for being a truly nice guy Renata3 16:30, 11 October 2005 (UTC)
I award you this Barnstar for your excellent work on Federalist No. 10. NatusRoma 04:46, 19 November 2005 (UTC)


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Blaise PascalFederalist No. 10Point Park Civic CenterReport of 1800

  • Major work done to existing articles:

Fall of SaigonFederal FarmerFederalist PapersJean-Jacques RousseauParis Peace Accords

  • Articles created (many as stubs – most in response to requested pages – or – as you can see – as part of the Federalist Papers project):

A System of LogicAlbany Antifederal CommitteeAmerican Financial Group IncorporatedAn Economic Interpretation of the ConstitutionBrownlow CommitteeBush at WarCabot HouseCape WindChris SamuelsClaude MydorgeCompensating variationConsiderations on the Government of PolandCooper-Church amendmentCrowd countingCrystal HeightsCurrier HouseCyril WechtDemonstration effectDexter CoakleyDigestifDiscourse on the Arts and SciencesDouglass AdairEdmund MontgomeryEliot HouseEmployer of last resortEuropeanisationFederalist No. 3Federalist No. 9Federalist No. 10Federalist No. 11Federalist No. 12Federalist No. 13Federalist No. 14Federalist No. 15Federalist No. 16Federalist No. 17Federalist No. 18Federalist No. 19Federalist No. 20Federalist No. 21Federalist No. 22Federalist No. 23Federalist No. 24Federalist No. 25Federalist No. 26Federalist No. 27Federalist No. 28Federalist No. 29Federalist No. 30Federalist No. 31Federalist No. 32Federalist No. 33Federalist No. 34Federalist No. 35Federalist No. 36Federalist No. 37Federalist No. 38Federalist No. 40Federalist No. 41Federalist No. 43Federalist No. 44Federalist No. 45Federalist No. 46Federalist No. 47Federalist No. 48Federalist No. 49Federalist No. 50Federalist No. 51Federalist No. 52Federalist No. 53Federalist No. 54Federalist No. 55Federalist No. 56Federalist No. 57Federalist No. 58Federalist No. 59Federalist No. 60Federalist No. 61Federalist No. 62Federalist No. 63Federalist No. 64Federalist No. 78Florence StockadeFree entryGames behindGeorge Turner (Continental Army)Gordon Strong Automobile ObjectiveGreat TransformationGroup 559Hicksian demand functionHousing Act of 1949Indirect utility functionIngroupJohn Lamb (general)Jonathan Elliot (historian)Koro SeaLaRoche CollegeLesson of MunichLettres provincialesLeverett HouseList of films and television shows shot in PittsburghList of pseudonyms used in the American constitutional debatesLow Man's LyricMassachusetts Mutual Life Insurance CompanyMaximin principleMcGovern-Hatfield amendmentMedinah Country ClubMilitary KeynesianismMill's methodsMinority rightsMoratorium to End the War in VietnamNguyen Chi ThanhNon-state actorOakmont Country ClubOutgroup (sociology)Operation Eagle PullOperations Malheur I and Malheur IIPhilip SharpPittsburgh Post-GazettePlan for Greater BaghdadPoint Park Civic CenterPoint State ParkRelative deprivationReport of 1800Reveries of a Solitary WalkerRonald RidenhourSamuel BryanShady Side AcademyShaw v. RenoSlouching Towards GomorrahStates and Social RevolutionsTermination feeThe Complete Anti-FederalistThe SandlotThe Spirit of the LawsTimeline of the United States ConstitutionTotalitarian dictatorshipTran Bach DangVan Tien DungWilliam EdgeWinthrop HouseXuan ThuyZyoiti Suetuna