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hi All[edit]

My name is Conget Ngan. I will not write a lot information about me here in this user page. Cause I already did it in Dutch version of Wikipedia. I come from there. It is a pity i had to register a account again! Pity....

My work[edit]

See in dutch version of wikipedia! I will help return the correct page!

List of elements by melting point[edit]


I added a comment on the talk page of your list of elements by melting point. Could you perhaps add the source where you got your data from?

I have a few problems with this list.

  • The first is that you can not define the melting point of a single atom, nor a single molecule. The melting point depends on the on the chemical and crystalline structure: Carbon exists as Graphite and as Diamond, which can have a different metling point [1]. So one should at least give for which structure the metling point is valid.
  • Secondly the melting point depends heavily on the pressure, if the figures are measured at atmospheric pressure, this should be mentioned.

Donar Reiskoffer 09:25, 13 Nov 2004 (UTC)