Linnéa Handberg Lund

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Linnéa Handberg Lund
Birth nameLinnéa Handberg
Also known asPapaya, Miss Papaya
Born (1976-10-22) 22 October 1976 (age 44)
Hillerød, Denmark
Years active1990s-present

Linnéa Handberg Lund, (born Linnéa Handberg 22 October 1976 in Hillerød, Denmark)[citation needed] also known as Papaya and Miss Papaya, is a Danish musician. She has achieved Gold and Platinum status as a songwriter within Europe and Asia in the 2000s after her two albums released as an independent artist.

Several of her songs, including "Operator", "Hero", and "Pink Dinosaur", have appeared in the popular Dance Dance Revolution video games. Papaya has also contributed the songs "No Princess" and "Spaceman" to In The Groove 2, along with Dynamic Hero.


Papaya began her music career in the early 1990s, signing with record labels Maverick, Warner, and Scandinavian Records. Papaya teamed up with producers Honeycutt to release the "Miss Papaya Project". Papaya released her first single, "Jingle Bells" in 1997. The next single, "Hero", was a smash hit.


Her first album, Pink, was released in 1998, produced by Papaya and Honeycutt. In 1998, "Hero" was released in the U.S. Two singles were released after Pink, "Supergirl" in 1998 and "Operator" in 1999. Papaya soon quit her contract with Scandinavian Records & Honeycutt, and abandoned the Miss Papaya Project. She began a solo career and in 2000 released an album, This Is Who I Am, under her real name. Papaya still works as a songwriter and backup singer for CH!PZ, from the Netherlands.

Papaya was an artist behind Bambee, writing many of Bambee's songs along with Honeycutt. Papaya released some songs under the pseudonym Lynn including "Are You Online?" and "No Princess", for Bambee and In The Groove 2, respectively.


  • Pink (as Papaya) (1998)
  • This is Who I Am (as Linnea) (2000)[1]



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