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Revolving restaurant in the tower of The Ambassador Hotel, Mumbai, India

A tower restaurant is a restaurant located in a tower and is accessible by an elevator.

Tower restaurants are laid out in such a way that guests can enjoy the panorama when taking their meal and beverages. Numerous tower restaurants are revolving restaurants, continuously rotating around the tower axle with the help of a drive.


In Austria the Danube tower two tower restaurants are implemented as revolving restaurants, as well as the Bergiselschanze at the jump tower.




United States[edit]


Many countries have tower restaurants on large towers that attract visitors, including the TV tower Näsinneula in Tampere, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Kaknaes Tower in Stockholm, the Ostankino Tower and Baghdad Tower. A tower restaurant can be accommodated on other structures for example the suspension tower of the new Danube bridge Bratislava with restaurant at 84.6 meters height.